stephanie lynch


I have been exploring relationship between the collector and the collection, specifically Aircraft Safety Cards. This often overlooked piece of ephemera found in the pocket of your aeroplane chair has a whole community of passionate people collecting, trading and appreciating them. Through this project I have emersed myself within the community putting myself in the position of the collector, allowing myself to get a better insight into this lifestyle. By gathering primary research through emailing collectors, joining online groups and even purchasing my first safety card to give this project a strong starting point.
The task I gave myself was to find a way of communicating the way this seemly innocent hobby quickly takeover people’s lives. Finding parallels between safety card collecting and other activities that can often quickly get out of control. Playing on the phrase ‘do not remove from aircraft’ which is found on most safety cards, I explore what it would look like if that statement was taken seriously by safety card collectors, turning the hobby into a lucrative crime. The satirical approach I have taken towards this project leaves me a lot of room for play, which I often fine beneficial to my projects.