sasha delmage


The first project I am working on is a response to Rick Dee's novelty 1976 song ‘Disco Duck’. I aim to distinguish: who is the Disco Duck? How would they fit into society today compared to the 1970s when they were at the height of their fame? I am particularity drawn to discussing the changes in attitudes around gender politics and the racist and homophobic overtones in Disco's dismissal. In my first semester, I wanted to establish the character as a celebrity in the 1970s to contextualise further work. This semester, I plan to make a comic/animation revealing the duck's inability to stay relevant. Here, I showcase drawings towards comic/animation, duck mask, and Disco Detergent advert.
Alongside this project, I have been considering the materiality of knitting and how it is often used to show what we cherish. I am interested in elevating the perceived worth of images/ideas through the knitted medium.

My last project is a collaboration with a textiles student. I am drawing a collection of images that aim to communicate the concept behind their garments - using different textures in fibres to alleviate anxiety. The narrative will follow a character fidgeting with their sleeve cuffs as a response to feelings of anxiety.