This year I have spent a lot of time exploring the mix of narratives that surround the shed in my
garden, that for many years belonged to a now deceased neighbour. With a focus on exploring for and space I have spent my year investigating the shed, my garden and those stories in a variety of
mediums. Initially proposed as a relatively short project, to explore a narrative while pushing the
possibilities of form, my work started out as very experimental. I decided not to begin the project
with a format but to develop the physical presentation as the narrative developed. I now aim to finish my film within the next few weeks, having it done for degree show.
Most of my work has involved exploring the shed. Using collage to create very abstract work. From
this early work I created a series of GIFs, however the project began to grow in scope. I realised that
many of my shed stories were linked, revolving around the cycle of pigeons, rats and seagulls that
had occupied both the garden and the shed at different times. I began sketching them, trying to
weave the different stories together in one image and started to experiment with more 3D work,
looking at paper pop-ups and cut outs. This 3D work eventually grew and developed into becoming a stop motion animation. I have now begun developing the final version of my film.