maria pelosi


CARBON is the virtual music festival that unifies people with a common shared passion for music. Loss of human interaction through the pandemic means exploring new ways to connect with others. CARBON enables users to link up with friends and idolised artists from around the world. The aim for the identity was to set the platform with assertiveness. The restlessness energetic style of the animations, three dominating block colours and the letter forms within the logo signify the dynamic principles of CARBON. The design of the logo has taken inspiration of 90s club culture and the typeface Coltrane, predominantly seen in the 1990s magazine, ‘Straight no chaser.’  
The logo type is to represent the link and bond that individuals make while interacting on the platform. While on the platform, users can set up a profile, view timetables of DJ sets and can personally send messages to artists or other users. The platform allows users to browse the artists own websites, social media platforms and add their songs to their Spotify accounts. Also, users have the opportunity to virtually design the space they are vewing CARBON on. They can do this by placing the identity of CARBON on their screens to add a personal input to their experience.

For the last month I have been working on the WIP Show typeface and identity.