kara mclean


My strongest work is often narrative based and I enjoy exploring topical issues the most. I am currently working on a book in which I asked the question ‘What is the worst thing about the Pandemic for you personally?’ to over 300 people and recorded all their answers. I asked people all of all genders/non binary, ages and social class in order to get the broadest answers possible. The responses I received were really powerful and ranged from different struggles such as – not being able to get nails done for a 21st birthday to having relatives die and deciding who goes to the funeral and who’s watching through a zoom call. What my research has shown is that throughout this time every person in their own way has battled a struggle and all are equally valid.

I intend to split the responses I have gathered into main themes that will be explored through chapters. During lockdown I captured as many photographs as possible on my SLR 35mm camera as well as disposable cameras, in order to really grasp what reality has been like over the last year. I have chosen to only use film photographs as I feel they capture a real moment and are more natural than posed digital photographs. For my research I have been studying the work of Christina Riley and her photography work based on her struggles as a new mother and the isolation she experienced. I am still experimenting with layout designs as well as font at the moment and I am excited to see how the final book will turn out.