inez de rijke 


My name is Inez and I am a graphic design student. Mostly I like to make interventions into objects and spaces. The most part of my work this year has been about investigating artificial reproduction of space, but looking for a break from this I undertook one about chairs. Inspired by a chair that my grandmother reupholstered, I have been investigating the balance between a chair as a sitting object and as a design piece, and have attached below some works surrounding these ideas.
  1. What a chair does
  2. What a chair is 
  3. My chair as my teacup
  4. Cardboard ‘Rietveld’ (Do Not Sit)
  5. ‘Piretti’ Chair
  6. My chair as my grandmothers’
  7. Fabric cover development (wip)
  8. Chairs of the Vitro collection; Paintings of the chairs of the Vitro collection

Figure 1:
What a chair does (columns left to right): Martin Parr, Livia Corona Benjamin, Caroline Darke by Inez de Rijke, Hans Kemp, Ava de Rijke by Inez de Rijke, Unknown, Inez de Rijke, Martino Gamper, Pi de Bruijn, unknown, Ossie Akhilomen by Inez de Rijke, Enzo Mari, Summer of Something Special Magazine, Reha Erdogan, Inez de Rijke
Figure 2:
What a chair is: Matteo Guarnaccia, Philippe Weisbecker, Tracy Ma, Denise Scott Brown and Robert Venturi, Mies Van De Rohe, Matteo Guarnaccia and Nifemi Marcus Bello, Elizabeth Sabala, Giancarlo Piretti, Unknown, Unknown, Matteo Guarnaccia and Studio Hiji, Antique Chair reupholstered by Caroline Darke, Matteo Guarnaccia and Benwu Studio, Campala Brothers, Unknown